Art, Music, Science, Literacy, Math & More

Children are naturally curious. They love to experiment and to explore, to ask questions and to look for answers. Within a play based environment the Preschool experience will provide countless opportunities for children to engage in learning through dramatic play, music, dance and rhythm, art, science, math and literacy.

Outdoor learning environments and the opportunity to connect with nature are also very important aspects of children’s early learning. Whether it is exploring the life cycles of insects, planting in the garden, building shelters, creating mud kitchens, or running in the playground we spend a lot of time outdoors.

For young children play is the foundation of learning and we believe it is essential for their healthy development. Play is how children interact with the world, learn about themselves, gain confidence and grow their self-esteem.

When planning a child centred curriculum teachers use a variety of strategies that reflect children’s interests. Through listening, observation, discussions and documentation teachers plan opportunities that build on a child’s current knowledge while inspiring opportunities for additional growth, discovery and learning.

In a play-based Preschool environment learning is integrated into all aspects of the day. The Carnarvon teaching team is very experienced at supporting developmental learning, spontaneity and creativity in the classroom. They are dedicated to creating a space filled with warmth that makes learning fun and provides experiences that will form the basis of life-long learning.